【Latest】 How to find Chinese medicine that suits you Really cold? Pharmacist supervision

Chinese medicine

Hello everyone!
I am Japanese pharmacist Shoichi Shinnno.
Today I will explain about Kampo medicine(Chinese medicine )if it is cold.


This time “is you really cold?” As it is about one’s own body, there is also a story that you know that, but it may actually be different. If you are selfishly thinking that you’re feeling cold, this person will warm up your body, and your body will rise and symptoms will get worse. First of all, let’s distinguish “Is it really cold ?: Cold certificate” or “Heat?”: Testimony! It is so easy, please try. How to identify cold certificate and testimony

Among the simple questions below, are there more cold or hot groups?

Do you want to drink warm drinks? (want to eat?)
If the answer is yes then choose 1.

Do you want to drink cold drinks? (want to eat?)
If the answer is yes then choose 2.

How is the condition of the flight?
If you often get diarrhea 1
If you often get constipated 2

How is the color of urine?
1 if transparent
2 if yellow

Are your hands and feet cold?
1 if the tip of the hand or the tip of the foot gets cold
The tip of the hand is 2 if the tip of the foot is burning

Is the color of the tongue red?
If the color of the tongue is slightly whitish 1

Whitish (漢方)


If the color of the tongue is red 2


If there are many 1 in the question so far, cold certificate
It is a testimony if there are many 2.

One with many 1
Chilling: Cold certificate

It is likely that the body is cold. You are the “Cold certificate” in Chinese medicine. Let’s warm up the body paying attention to too cold of the body! Be especially careful on cold days such as winter.

One with many 2
I have a fever: a testimony

There is a high possibility that the body has a fever. You are the “a testimony” to say in Kampo. Don’t warm your body, let’s cool it! Be especially careful on hot days such as summer.


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